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From the desk of STEVE ROSENBECK, CEO and Founder of Garb Athletics
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Your Search for team uniforms is over!

Finally, create a custom-made uniform for your team,
at a price you can afford.

Teams around the country are beginning to realize that it is ridiculous to spend tons of money on shoes, equipment, registration fees, etc. and then spoil the players experience by wearing an ordinary, mass-produced uniform. Hence the growing popularity of Garb Athletics-Custom Uniforms which are in a class by themselves.

Your uniform is important. It's what your fans see and identify with when they come to see your team play. It's a visual signifier for what you and your team stand for. And as you probably remember from your own playing days, a well-made, good-looking uniform can make a huge difference to young athletes, boosting their pride and inspiring them to elevate their performance. (By the same token, a top-quality uniform can also make a big impression on your team's opponents, giving you an emotional edge before the game even starts.)

What is included in our All-Inclusive Uniforms

  • Choose any style of uniform
    (we can custom make any uniform style)
  • Choose from any one of our remarkable fabrics
  • Unlimited sewn on lettering and numbers
  • Unlimited embroidery
  • Players' names
  • 4 to 6 week delivery
One Set Price Guaranteed

It used to cost a fortune to buy custom uniforms for your team, but Garb is changing that, and turning the industry upside down with a top of the line solution for less.

"We often laugh when we see our competitor's uniform prices sky rocket when you add decorations."

There is no uniform design that we cannot handle. Our entire company is built on creating the exact uniform you want for one set price. No hidden fees or upcharges guaranteed! An All-Inclusive Uniform.

How Garb Athletics Was Started

Who am I to be telling you all this? Glad you asked. You might say I've always been a uniform guy, but now I want to be THE uniform guy.

Let me explain. I grew up playing all sorts of sports, including high school baseball, football, and basketball, and college baseball. Throughout all of that, I was always into uniforms -- the different patterns, the different colors, you name it. It was just something that fascinated me.

A key moment for me came in 2003, when I went on a two-year mission to the Philippines for my church. I lived there and learned the language. While I was there, I noticed something interesting: Although the Philippines is a fairly improverished nation, everyone there wears custom-tailored clothing. If a Filipino buys a T-shirt, it's standard practive for him to have it tailored to fit his body as closely as possible. As a result, the country is filled with skilled craftsmen running their own tailoring shops.

I was intrigued by this, and I also wanted some souvenirs of my time in the Philippines, so I drew some mock-ups of a few of my favorite sports jerseys and asked to have them made for me. The results were incredible -- the quality and craftsmanship were superior to anything I'd worn when I was playing sports.

When I returned home to america, I had the idea of using this untapped resource of Filipino talent to create my own uniform company, so I founded Garb Athletics. In 2006, I returned to the philippines, this time with a business partner Ken Money. Together we bought land, built two factories, and hired all the best tailors I'd encountered during my mission. Our goal was to produce high-quality, custom-designed sports uniforms while also helping the people of the nation I'd learned to love.

I'm Proud to say that Garb Athletics has been a great success. Our businesshas nearly doubled each year, and our factories have been a tremendous boom to the local economy in the Philippines.

But Garb Athletics isn't a charity operation -- I honestly believe we're delivering the highest-quality uniforms on the market. Because our Filipino craftsmen come from a culture of custom tailoring, they can produce any uniform design we ask of them -- not just the cookie-cutter stock uniforms that the big companies offer in their catalogs.

Speaking of those companies, have you noticed that they also sell sneakers, T-shirts, sweatpants, and just about anything else they can slap their logo on? What they're really selling is lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with that, but uniforms are just a small part of what they do. They do most of their business selling lifestyle accessories to people who aren't even serious athletes.

Personally, I'm not interested in selling you a lifestyle. I just want to be the uniform guy. It's a smaller niche, but it's where I've established myself. So I need clients who can understand what a successful uniform program can do for them.

Our goal at Garb Athletics is to create the exact custom uniform our customer wants. We look forward to creating your uniform vision in the future.


Steve Rosenbeck - Founder of Garb Athletics