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Baseball Uniforms

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Baseball Uniforms

All-Inclusive Baseball Uniforms

It used to cost a fortune to buy custom baseball uniforms for your team, but Garb Athletics is changing that, and turning the industry upside down with a top of the line solution for less.


  • Select any one of styles. (Every style is the same price)
  • Unlimited sewn-on lettering (tackle twill).
  • Unlimited embroidery for neck, sleeve, or chest patches.
  • Players names on the back of the uniform are included in your price
  • Choose from any of our remarkable fabrics.
  • 4 to 6 week delivery time
  • All this is included for one set price guaranteed. No upcharges, or hidden fees.
  • You create the exact uniform you want, and we will make it for you. Get started creating your teams custom uniforms using our uniform builder tool at the top.

About Garb Athletics

We are a specialty store dedicated to only creating custom uniforms. We have built our own factories set up specifically to create the highest-quality uniforms on the market. We are not creating cookie-cutter stock uniforms that the big brands are offering, or cheap sublimation. We are creating premium crafted uniforms tailored to your team.

How to Order

  • Work with someone in your hometown. Once you submit your design online, we will match you will a team dealer in your area to help you finalize the order. Enjoy the convenience of the online shopping and the customer service and safety of working with a local business.
  • All pricing on our website is manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing. Work with your local store and team dealer to come up with a deal that fits your team’s budget.
  • These uniforms are custom-made and delivered in 4-6 weeks or less. Each uniform is tailor-made for your players. We look forward to creating your custom uniform vision.

Baseball Jerseys

Baseball Uniforms  - just a few out of the hundreds of styles available

What Coaches Are Saying About Garb Athletics

“I have strongly recommended Garb Baseball uniforms to my opposing coaches. I think that they were impressed with the quality of our baseball uniforms.”

--Nick Fuscardo, Head Baseball Coach, Fullerton College, Fullerton California

“As a dealer and coach, I like the fact that Garb gives players of all levels access to the same quality baseball uniforms that are used at the college level.”

--Almega Sports, Panama City, Florida

“Thank you for always expediting our Garb Athletics uniform orders. You guys have always come through for us!”

--Michael Graham, Superstar Team Sports, West Palm Beach Florida

“Thank you Garb Athletics. This ordering process has really been a life changing event. It was always a hassle and let down every other time I have ordered baseball uniforms. So grateful I found your company. You make it a great experience from start to finish.”

--Casey Nelson, Spanish Fork High School Baseball Coach

“The baseball uniforms are incredible! Garb Athletics is a master at creating custom uniforms. Phenomenal job and we will be back soon to order again– many thanks!”

--Amy Fox, Payson High School Coach

“Garb Athletics has the best baseball jerseys I have ever seen. They gave me the best advice on design and fabric questions I had. Thanks Garb. I am ready to refer you to every coach I know.”

--Dan Lunt, Payson High School Coach

“The ordering experience was great! And the baseball uniforms were better. I would recommend anyone to buy Garb Athletics baseball uniforms.”

--Jason Walker, Utah Socks

“Thank you Garb, for the amazing uniforms you made for my son’s team. I have a couple younger kid, and I can’t wait to order uniforms for their teams as well. You have no idea how much these uniforms mean to the players. Thanks again.”

--Jordan Blanchard, Salem Junior High

“Not all baseball uniforms are created equal. The baseball uniforms you made for my team stand out above the rest. Many thanks for all your help.”

--Randy Skaggs, Xplosion Team

“I have been ordering uniforms for years, and most all companies left me feeling like a number in the crowd. Ordering from Garb Athletics was a different expirence, they took the time and really made me feel like my order was important. It blew me away that a company their size could do that. I know I will be ordering from them in the future.”

--Alley Gee, Juab High School Coach

“Loved the baseball uniforms. I feel like we have found our uniform company for many years to come. I can’t wait order more. Garb Athletics is a great manufacturer and they give you the uniform you want.”

--Jill Emerson, Carbon City Recreation

“The Garb Athletics is essential if you plan on creating a unique custom uniform. They are the only uniform company that have the tools necessary to really create custom baseball uniforms. I wish I would have found them years ago.”

--Brett Watts, Springville Bombers

“Since 1977 involvement in coaching in, Garb Athletics surpassed uniform companies I’ve observed through many years in coaching. Their team is truly the best of the best, cream of the crop, and tip of the iceberg for baseball uniforms.”

--Cal Jones, Ink Spot

“I really enjoyed my ordering experience with Garb. I found it very easy and hassle free. Uniforms showed up early and there were no headaches. Thanks!”

--Steve Bushman, Provo Bulldogs

“I have been selling baseball uniforms for a long time now and this is the real deal! Garb Athletics is very in touch with the latest trend in baseball uniforms. You really get an excellent product when you order from them.”

--Scott Ringger, MVP Sports

“My team’s baseball uniforms turned out excellent. Everything was very easy to figure out since it was just a set price. There is too much information from other uniform companies about pricing, but Garb makes it so easy.”

--Kim Spencer, Texas Express Club

“I purchased Garb baseball uniforms. This was the most eye opening experience with uniform order I have ever had. My wife and I are started a team for our son and we needed baseball uniforms, so we shopped around to find the best value. Every other company had so many hoops to jump through it was ridiculous. Finally found Garb Athletics and it was so easy! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants have an enjoyable ordering experience.”

--Scott Madsen, USU Eastern University

“I came here not knowing much about how to design baseball uniforms. Now that I have placed an order with Garb Athletics I feel like an expert! We are excited to show our friends how easy and fun it is to order baseball uniforms. Thank you so much for the great experience!”

--Gary Richards, Utah Aces

“We ordered Garb through our local team sports store and it was easy-to-order and delivered on time. Uniforms looked great and you can’t ask for more from a uniform company.”

--Jerry Salcido, Utah Bolts

“These baseball uniforms are the best I have ever seen, and I am known by my friends and family as the Uniform Queen! I have always been interested in fashion and try to take an active role in ordering my sons baseball uniforms. Garb Athletics’ is straight forward – no nonsense, you get the exact uniform you want with no BS. I look forward to ordering in the future.”

--Kelly Bennett, Central Valley Buzz

“Ordering from Garb Athletics was a great experience. When the kids saw their new baseball uniforms they just went nuts! You would have thought it was Christmas morning.”

--Sarah Hixson, Chupacabras Team

“As usual, great baseball uniforms. Your baseball uniforms blow me away every time I order. See you next year. Thanks, Garb.”

--Andrew Mock, NextIT Team

“We were so excited to receive our baseball uniforms, and when they arrived they were far better than we ever anticipated. The most exciting thing happened when we passed the baseball jerseys out to the players, each time we handed a uniform to player their eyes lit up and they were so greatful for the uniform I thought they were different kids! Thank you so much for the great uniforms and the great experience. We can’t wait to share our experience with other teams!”

--Scott Parrish, Colfax High School

“This ordering experience has truly been so enlightening for us. Most uniforms companies say you can’t do this and you can’t do that, but all we heard from Garb was we can do that. And they delivered exactly what they said they would. Very impressed with this company, I am surprised we haven’t heard of them more. I guess it’s just a matter of time with the amazing uniforms they create. Thank you for the great uniforms and great order experience.”

--Sam Hall, Bulldogs Team

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